Nomad Cruise

Design your life at sea on the only travelling conference for [aspiring] digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and global freedom seekers. Nomad Cruise is a business conference at sea for digital nomads, online-entrepreneurs and remote workers. They organize affordable all-inclusive-cruises with participants across the Atlantic. Join 150+ digital nomads on an all-inclusive trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Connect, learn, collaborate and make friends on a life-changing journey!

The concept of working remotely has established over the last years and without a doubt: the number of people who can work location independently is growing fast. People from different fields quit their jobs or change their positions to live the nomad lifestyle. Nomad Cruise jumps in, where decisions have been made: living life on the road, independently, free. But lonely? Nope. They are networking catalysts. They put 200 people on a boat and introduce them to each other and create an environment of learning, sharing, creating, and connecting. Making you go unplugged for a week or two and dive into the incredible possibilities provided by the pool of talented, motivated, and successful people, who join in on our journeys across the Atlantic. They don’t offer trips. They offer experiences of a lifetime.

Nomad Cruise believes that sharing knowledge, skills and experience is the foundation of an open-spirited community, and it couldn’t be truer of the ethos on board. They also believe that, on Nomad Cruise, every participant should get the chance to be an active part of the program and get feedback to their business and lifestyle related questions. That’s why they designed a unique environment of cooperative learning and personal and professional development. Experts are on stage to share their knowledge through talks and workshops, while the specials are there to make you an integral part of the program by shared experience.

Showcase your special skills at the Nomad Cruise Talent Show, get your hips moving during the Salsa Classes, or pitch your idea at the Business Breakthrough Session to get valuable feedback from experienced mentors. What starts on a boat may never actually end. They skilfully lay down the base for friendships, collabs, and projects, which commence on the cruise but may last a lifetime. Nomad Cruise is not just a travel agency. It’s a community.

Dios Street 29, Teresfanou, 7562, CyprusAsia,Global,7562 *****

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